Hyperion Studio is the communications agency founded by Jérémy Morand to light up your projects, whether digital or print! You’ll benefit from a single point of contact who can draw on 15 years’ experience in advertising agencies to offer you a full range of graphic and web services. A network of carefully selected partners to meet all your needs, at the best price.

Specializing in the full range of communication services, from developing your strategy to designing your graphic identity and applying it to a variety of media formats, such as business cards, brochures, flyers, etc. Hyperion keeps up with the times, providing you with a state-of-the-art online presence; websites are built using the best modern technologies on the market.


The full-package

From design to production, we take charge of the complete management of your communication projects: creation of the visual identity, then a variation on multiple print formats, of all sizes; creation of a tailor-made website, in your image and finally a presence on high-visibility media such as signage or vehicle coverings. You’ll be seen, and in style!



Always innovating; always respecting your specifications!


Attentive follow-up and pertinent advice on the various aspects of your project


Be aware of your expectations, taking the time to discover and understand them.

"creativity is intelligence having fun
A. einstein


Each project is a creative and human adventure. Working in symbiosis with my customers, listening to their needs and proposing an innovative vision is what makes me tick. The name "HYPERION" was close to my heart for all its luminous mythological symbolism. A customer who is in the spotlight and proud of his visual identity will shine, and that's my greatest reward!

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