A artisan florist to serve your desires, we will know how to meet your requirements by proposing flowers in priority French and local.

Committed to eco-responsible values, we do our utmost to comply with the collective charterfor French flowers

With our wealth of experience at , we at will be able to advise and support you . 

Come and discover our world filled with fragrance and know-how. Come away with little nuggets unearthed in our little cocoon. 

To please yourself or others, we also offer   flowerdelivery in the Annecy area, and by bike whenever possible!



The bouquets in this boutique are the work of a passionate florist, whose expertise in color harmony and respect for the seasonality of flowers are beyond question. A daily tribute is paid to French flowers, and each producer is rigorously selected.

The boutique warmly opens its doors for you to compose the bouquet of your dreams. Alternatively, you can simply place your order by telephone. And to top it all off, a delivery service is available throughout the Annecy area, bringing the beauty of these bouquets straight to your door.

a word from juline

"Juline, creator of the Ibéris boutique, is passionate about color, and loves to showcase the flowers of my growers by carefully combining shades. Committed to eco-responsible values, I have created this universe of plants in harmony with nature, respecting the seasonal nature of flowers. Drawing on my previous experience, I wanted to create a world that reflects my own personality, and that showcases French know-how, with artisan-creative partners with whom I share virtuous values."

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